Using Islam to Fight for Animal Rights

November 19th marked the last day of the Eid Al-Adha celebrations. During this holiday, thousands of animals are slaughtered and their meat distributed to the needy. While the intention behind the slaughter is noble, many animal rights activists are concerned that animals are being mistreated.  Interestingly, these activists use an Islamic framework to make their case. Activists like Amina Abaza, the founder of the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE), argue that the questioned practices violate Islamic rules regarding animal rights. Continue reading



A Peace Maker in Syria

Aired January 26, 2012 | Visit the WPR Page | Download the Show

In her memoir, The Bread of Angels, Stephanie Saldana wrote about an Italian Jesuit who restored a tenth century monastery near Damascus, and then dedicated it to Muslim/Christian dialogue. Father Paulo was recently forced into exile by the Assad regime, but he’s back. Stephanie joins us with an update.

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Islam and Women in Niger

Even though 98% of its population practices Islam, the Western African country of Niger is a secular state, protected by laws mostly inherited from the French. In recent years, the government has adopted some woman-friendly policies but rejected a few as well. What’s behind those rejections? What role does Islam play in the politics of women’s rights laws? Alice Kang, a PhD candidate in political science at UW-Madison with focus on African Studies, spent a year in Niger to look for answers. She sat down with Inside Islam to share her findings. Continue reading