Ramadan: The Fast and the Feast

Produced by Here on Earth: Radio without Borders at Wisconsin Public Radio

Original broadcast: September 1, 2009


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Why is fasting common to almost all faiths? Why do Muslims the world over look forward with joy to a month of fasting? What are the special challenges that American Muslims face? And what are the Ramadan specials that Arab Muslims are watching on satellite TV?


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One thought on “Ramadan: The Fast and the Feast

  1. Those Ramadan photos are gorgeous. They remind me so much of the kind of candid photos you see in National Geographic of people celebrating Christmas or Easter across the world. That series of photos could do a lot to make people realize how much Christian culture has in common with Islamic culture when it comes to celebrating faith & family activities.

    Great podcast this week! I love learning about holidays from all faiths 🙂