Setting the Record Straight on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Perhaps the most significant world event since the fall of the Berlin Wall has been broadcast around the world: the Egyptian people have overthrown now ex-President Hosni Mubarak through 18 days of  peaceful protests. Much of mainstream western media has … Continue reading

Inside the Minds of One Billion Muslims

Executive Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies Dalia Mogahed was interviewed last week by host of Interfaith Voices Maureen Fiedler. The interview “Inside the Minds of One Billion Muslims” takes a look at one product of the Muslim West Facts Project, an initiative that was featured on Inside Islam in November. Continue reading

Countering Extremism and Highlighting Diversity

Exclusion seems to be at the root of many forms of extremism, whether religious, cultural, political, or otherwise. The growing and increasingly influential group Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) hopes to shift extremist attitudes among North American Muslims through their … Continue reading