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Overview/Statistics Austria: There are 338,988 Muslims living in Austria, which constitutes 4.22% of the total population. Source: Statistik Austria Belgium: There are an estimated 450,000 Muslims living in Belgium, which constitutes about 4.37% of the total population. Source: Denmark: There … Continue reading


Violence Against Women: A New Direction? In 2010, journalist-actress-writer-director Feo Aladag released When We Leave (Die Fremde in German), an award-winning film that explores the hardships that characterize one young Turkish-German woman’s transition from a suffocating marriage in Istanbul back … Continue reading

Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Russia

Eastern Europe/The Balkans Tespihe in Albania Central Asia and the Caucasus Russia Lectures: Islam in Russia and the NIS Digital Stories Eastern Europe/The Balkans With strong ties to the historical Turkish-Ottoman Empire, the Balkan countries of Southeastern Europe contain several … Continue reading

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Click on show titles for additional information or simply click on the player to listen to an episode. Islam and Democracy Air date: March 15, 2012   The Arab Spring surprised many in the West who believed Islam is inherently … Continue reading

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Pop Goes Islam With Mubarak gone, Ahmed Abu Haiba no longer has to worry about the infamous SSIS (Egypt’s Secret Police), but his 2-year-old Islamic music channel’s future is anything but certain. Haiba’s Cairo-based 4Shbab TV aims to instill Islamic … Continue reading

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Did You Know? • Three of the top 5 countries with the largest number of Muslims are in South Asia. Pakistan(#2): 175,184,551 India (#3): 164,235,123 Bangladesh (#4): 140,506,618 • The number of Muslims living in South Asia is more than … Continue reading

South Asia

Anglo-Islamic Law in Colonial India Mitra Sharafi, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin In colonial India, Islamic law was famous for its flexibility. It was one of many systems of religious law applied in the state courts, typically by … Continue reading