1 in 13 Million

Uchujin, a Tokyo-based photographer, recently made a short film highlighting the spiritual journey of Abdullah Taqy, Tokyo’s sole native Japanese Imam. Amid the restaurants, bars, brothels, and nightclubs of the notorious Kabukicho District (????) is a modest-looking mosque run by Taqy. A professional tattoo and body piercing artist of 20 years, Taqy is an anomaly in the “Sleepless Town” of Tokyo’s Kabukicho.

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Green Faith

How does faith affect eco-consciousness? Is religion more focused on the after-life than on stewardship of the earth? Experts on Islam and Christianity join us for an interfaith conversation about faith and environmental activism. This show will preview an Inside Islam conference on Green Faith that will be held on March 6th at the Pyle Center at UW-Madison.

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Senegal: Study Abroad in Saint Louis

In January 2009, several UW-Madison professors visited Senegal, where a Muslim majority and a Christian minority peacefully coexist. The group talked to Sara Erickson, a junior student from UW-Madison who was studying abroad in Senegal. In the video clip below, Sara reflects on her life-changing experience and shares her favorite phrase in the local Wolof language.

Interviewer: Catherine Reiland, Assistant Director of African Studies Program
Videographer: Shiela Reaves, Professor of Life Sciences Communication