Textbooks Biased towards Islam?

Campaign in Texas

A group of high school textbooks in Florida are at the center of a debate on Islam. According to Patriots United and Citizens for National Security, the various textbooks depict Islam in a positive light while portraying Christianity and Judaism negatively. Patriots United formed a local “textbook action team” to challenge the fact that these books are being taught and “students are being taught false information.” Florida is not the first state to have its textbooks challenged.  A similar  campaign was carried out in Texas in September 2010.

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Talking with the Taliban

The Taliban announced this week that ten years after 9/11, it is finally willing to talk with the United States. There’s only one catch: in return, the Obama Administration has to release at least five senior Taliban officials held at Guantánamo. President Emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights Michael Ratner joins us to talk about prospects for peace, and the future of Guantánamo.

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Senegal: An Imam in Saint Louis

A former French colony in western Africa, Senegal is a country where a Muslim majority and a Christian minority live peacefully together and pride themselves on interfaith harmony. Several UW-Madison faculty and staff members visited Senegal in January, 2009, to find out what makes Senegal a model for interfaith peace.

The UW-Madison group interviewed a prominent Imam in Saint Louis. Following his father’s footstep, the 83-year-old Imam became a scholar and teacher at age 16. He started running a school well before Senegal became independent. Because his school was not involved in political activities, just in Qur’anic teaching, the colonial power left it alone. Continue reading